The Term Lady Luck

The origin of the term lady luck is unknown to the world. While it’s a very commonly used phrase today – and more so in the gambling industry – it’s not known to anybody how or when this term exactly came into being.

lady-luck_01There are different schools of thought about the origination of the term “Lady Luck”. Ancient Romans believed Fortuna – their goddess of fortune, to be the personification of luck. It was thought – and hoped – that she brought good luck to people. But she wasn’t always good, and often her “bad side” was detrimental for many people. Fortuna was also considered to be goddess of fate and so she had to make people’s life difficult as well. According to Roman mythology, Jupiter was believed to be Fortuna’s father.

Unlike what the name suggests and unlike what the common thought is – the term lady luck does not have anything to do with any particular lady per se. It’s not like being accompanied by ladies will make you lucky or something. In the context of casino gambling, the term “lady lucky smiling” simply means a person is winning huge bets.
Lady luck is just a thought and it’s more in players minds than anything else. Yet, most players like to follow a ritual before playing – superstitions, if you will. There are some who like to kiss their cards before playing their hand, or blow on dice, while others simply like to knock on wood before placing their bets.

lady-luck_02It seems funny how all people sitting on a table appeal to Lady Luck for a win, even though it is well known to all of them that there have to be some losers in any casino game. In a way, lady luck is more of a mixture of karma, playing skills and good (or bad, for some) luck.

Generally, in a casino, you’ll hear terms for those who go on to do well and make money such as “lady luck smiling”, “lady luck shining” and “lady luck winning”. On the other hand for those who don’t win and seem not so lucky, the terms used are “lady luck is angry” and “lady luck is failing”.

One effective way of making sure that the lady luck smiles on you more often than not is to play online casino because the odds of winning in an online casino game are far better than the real one.