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The Best Of Casino Blackjack:

Out of all the games you will find in a casino, by far the most popular has to be the game of blackjack.  Practically everyone knows what blackjack is, and there are many different variations on the game, but they are all based on the same premise – beating the house and not going bust. 

The rules of the game are very simple, and you can learn how to play within minutes.  In any casino around the world you will note that blackjack is the game that is most often played (occasionally roulette competes with blackjack).  The game of blackjack has been romantically portrayed in films – commonly the hero finds a way to count the deck and beat the house, before the casino finds out about it!  Of course, counting cards is a lot harder than it seems, and if you are playing online you can just about forget about any notions you have of cheating.

However, despite this, blackjack is actually is going to give you the best odds out of any game you can find.  If you look at slot games – they give a payout of around 90%, while roulette gives close to 95%.  This means that if you end up betting $1000 you will get $900 for slots and $950 for roulette.  Overall this is a loss of $100 for slot machines and $50 roulette overall.  You will notice that both these games will lose you money if you do not quit when you are ahead. 

Played enough, you will eventually end up giving money to the casino.  Blackjack has even better odds and the payout ratio is in fact closer to 99%.  This means that even if you play $1000 worth of blackjack at $1 a hand, then you will only end up losing $10 if you play perfect blackjack.  This only goes for blackjack games which are based on classic rules.  If you play games that include Spanish blackjack or pontoon then the odds are slightly different.

There are a few ways to bear the odds that are available including slow playing and doubling up when you hold the advantage.  Even if you play perfect blackjack then you will find that the casino still has a slight edge – perfect blackjack odds can only tip the balance towards the casino by 1%.  You must ensure that you use the right casino to play at initially – for instance if you decide to play at a casino that only pays out 2:1 on a blackjack then you are at the wrong place.  Another disadvantage is not being able to double down. 

There are some blackjack variants which allow you to see both of the dealers cards before you play, but normally you pay for this advantage in other ways.  If the dealer is forced to stand at a lower number then you additionally have an advantage.  The standard or classic blackjack rules involve you playing against the house where you get 3:2 on a blackjack and the dealer stands on a 17.  There are plenty of variants including blackjack surrender and loads of other names, but essentially they are small tweaks on the betting system.

Having a 1% disadvantage may not sound like the best odds, but of course this means that many people have the fortune of winning more, and others lose more.  You can also claim back a lot of the advantage if you are part of the casino VIP system which gives cashback.  Typically the VIP schemes will give 1% of your wager in cashback, so if you end up wagering $1000, you will get $10 as a cashback, which recovers your losses.  If you are higher up on the VIP scheme you might even gain more cashback.  If you also take advantage of the blackjack bonuses and have the patience then you can really start to get an advantage IF you are patient enough.

Of course, this is where many blackjack players fail – playing perfect blackjack is somewhat boring and the temptation to bet big can really crush the inexperienced player.  Online casinos are a great place to start off your blackjack career – you get plenty of time to think about making a move and you are never rushed.  See what they have to offer you.

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