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Casino Slots:

Slots are the machine that is behind practically all the noise at a casino. The reason why they are so loud is because they love to announce when a winner is made. Of course, jackpot winners do not come about everyday, but when they do win it is for a lot of money. There is a difference between the jackpots that are announced at the front of the website and the jackpots you can win at some of the slot games. 

The jackpots where you can win millions are always going to be the progressive jackpots. These jackpots require you to be very lucky to win.  As well as being able to win the jackpot, which in itself requires a lot of fortune, you will also be required to bet that you will win the progressive. The progressive jackpot normally stacks up over time as people try their luck and if you manage to win you will have more money than you can typically withdraw.

Aside from the opportunity from winning the progressive jackpots, slot games also give you the opportunity to win jackpots or smaller prizes.  The payout ratio for online slots tends to be a lot smaller than for card or table games.  The reason that many people play slot games occurs because you can win a lot of money with just a small stake. With games such as poker or blackjack you are risking a lot of money to win roughly the same stake size. With slot games you can literally bet 10 cents and have the chance to win $1000s.

Most slot games are either based around 3 reel slots or 5 reel slots. The 3 reel slots are the traditional slot games that are normally called fruit machines. The theme of these machines can be anything – fruit, super heroes, animals or anything you can think of. If you manage to line up the symbols on a single spin, then you get a payout. 

The rarest symbols will give you the jackpot, but you can get varying jackpots whichever game you play. Some of the symbols will give you the opportunity to win free spins (so called scatter symbols) or wild symbols which can represent any symbol. Some of these games allow you to participate into a bonus round which is another game of luck.  Win the bonus round and then you get an additional payout.

There are also many different 5 reel games you can play. These games are more common than the 3 reel games and by in large give you bigger jackpots, but the chance of winning is slightly less. These 5 reel games typically have better graphics, more sound effects, and are more enticing to play. 

These games are also likely to be linked up to progressive jackpots. The 5 reel games also give you the opportunity to play more than one line at once.  Some of the games allow you to play 100 lines at a time. This effectively allows you to have different winning combinations at the price of having to pay more per spin. A 2 line game is much the same as putting in 2 spins – the only difference is the time you spend playing.

Slot games are an enjoyable diversion that requires no skill – only luck when you play.

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