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Online Casino Poker:

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games because there is a high degree of skill involved as well as luck.  It is internationally respected as millions of people play around the world.  It is a game that even be considered a profession, as there is plenty of money to be made every day.  A player who can gain an edge over his opponents can have the opportunity to make poker playing his or her career.

There are two main ways to play poker – one where you play against other players, or the second where you play against the house or a casino.  Many people play against other players because there is a human element to go against – players can bluff, fold or get emotional and some players can find themselves consistently coming up against players they can beat. 

This can work the other way of course – players who have just started may find themselves getting in trouble against players who are looking for fish to take money from.  Another disadvantage of playing online against real opposition especially in no limit poker is when you come against an opponent who has a lot of money.  That advantage can really pressure your decision making.

Playing against the casino is very different because you do not have that unpredictability.  The conditions playing against the house is very different because the environment is very controlled.  You control the amount you want to raise and the house merely matches you.  You will not have to face being bluffed, or being over bet on certain hands.  This means that when you play you must really know how to play the odds.

Against the house, your poker play has to be considerably more methodical.  The house will have advantage over you because it acts as the dealer.  The dealer in poker will always have the advantage of going last, so you will have to make the first move every time.  The decision on which poker to play is up to you. 

If you are a slow player you might prefer playing against the casino.  In an online game you typically get a few seconds to make the decision to play.  If you are playing against the casino then you can take as long as you like.  If you want to take a break, or review your tactics online there is nothing stopping you.  There is less time pressure, and it is something that is worth considering.

Casinos give you an option of playing all variants of poker.  Against online players you will be commonly playing games of Texas Hold'em.  It is possible to get games of Omaha Hi and Stud Poker at peak times, but with a casino, every second of the day is peak time.  You can log in and start playing any type of poker you want.  The video poker selection that most casinos have normally have every variant and also various bonus forms of poker.  Usually they also offer Pai Gow poker as well as Texas Hold'em.  Many poker games also offer a progressive bonus so you might stand a chance of winning a real jackpot as well as the pot.

Whichever form of poker you end up playing it is worth trying out both.  Playing casino poker can be an excellent learning point or stop gap between tournaments.  If you have not played, try playing with one of the casinos and seeing how far you get!

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